Everyone Has An Opinion

If you’ve been keeping up with the current news, I’m sure you’re familiar with the events occurring in the Ferguson area. I’ve lived in North County my entire life, and never have I ever experienced something this repulsive in the 18 years that I’ve lived here. Now, I’m somewhat terrified every time I go home. Who knows what kind of crazy nonsense is going to go on next? All you hear about on the news are “peaceful protests”, yet somehow people are getting killed, buildings are being looted, and stores are being set on fire. It’s truly upsetting to see this craziness happening so close to my home town. My old roommate actually lived on the street Chambers and told me that she stayed inside of her house for a week straight because she was terrified to go out of her home. The sad matter of the fact is, that there is a much deeper meaning than a teenage boy being shot and killed by a police officer. People are killed by officers everyday and vice versa. It’s just a part of our world. However, not everyday do you hear about Quick Trips and other market stores being set on fire and looted because a teenager was shot. It’s so sad, to me, to see these things happening. The purpose of these ridiculous things that these hoodlums are doing is to bring “justice” to their town. How in the world does burning down buildings and looting stores, who have nothing to do with the event that happened, bring “justice” to a community? I have no problems with the people who are actually protesting peacefully. However, I’m not okay with the violence that is happening so near to my community. When the national guard is called in to a community because of the ridiculous events happening, you know something is not right. It’s also very sad that, due to the grand jury decision release coming very soon, that schools are asking the decision to not be released until after the schools have let out for the day. That’s just sad and shows how horribly the community thinks things are going to go once this decision is made. This nonsense has gone on three months too long and I’m hoping that this all comes to an end very soon. Some may argue that my points in my argument are invalid, but hey-everyone has an opinion.


One thought on “Everyone Has An Opinion

  1. Liz,

    I am also troubled by some of the violence I have seen erupt over the tragedy in Ferguson. It’s important that we not allow some bad apples to spoil the barrel. It’s clear that the majority of people protesting are doing so in the name of peace, but we cannot prevent some people from taking advantage of the situation for personal gain. Yes, protests can be intimidating, but all protests have been depicted that way. The head of the FBI thought MLK Jr. was the most dangerous man in America and launched a smear campaign against his protests as violent and disruptive. Today, we associate him with peace, but during his civil rights protests, MLK Jr was often depicted as a threat.

    Full credit 20/20


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