Starry Night By Vincent Van Gogh

I first experienced Vincent Van Gogh’s paint, Starry Night, in second grade. We were supposed to recreate this painting using oil pastels which was a pretty big task for a second grader. This painting by Van Gogh was perfected in June of 1889 in Arles, France. The style of this painting is post-impression. Impressionism is a style in which things look almost distorted, but you can still identify what the picture is depicting. Van Gogh used oil pastels on a canvas to create this painting. This original painting is currently located in New York, New York in the Museum of Modern Art.

I love the style and texture that is used in this painting. Each stroke of the oil pastel is unique and a different length, size and color. The color in this painting is incredible and I find it amazing how Van Gogh combined these different colors into a beautiful, famous painting. Van Gogh gives the sky almost a greenish color which I find very interesting and unique. I would never imagine a sky to have a green tint to it, however Van Gogh certainly does make it work for him. I like the style and motions that Van Gogh seemed to use in this painting. The sky seems to have swirls in it, with a wide variation of color, giving the painting a very unique look.


One thought on “Starry Night By Vincent Van Gogh

  1. Liz,

    Great choice for a painting to analyze.Quite a few student have chosen Starry Night. I like that you mentioned its background in post-impressionism. It’s always important to understand the context of art. Post-impressionism built on the impressionists’ idea that we should depict objects not as they exist objectively, but as we see them subjectively. If the sun is shining on a building and we can see its reflection, then we should paint the glare and the reflection. Van Gogh’s post impressionism builds on this 19th century movement toward depicting the subjective feeling of a scene instead of its objective appearance.

    Good Work 20/20


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