Fishing IS For Girls!


Most people when they think of fishing, they think of it being an activity only for men. WRONG. I’ve been fishing since I was old enough to walk. My dad always took my brother and I fishing since we were very young. I still remember my very first fishing pole. It was pink and didn’t even have a real fishing hook on it because my dad didn’t want me to get hurt.

1.) Fishing is for girls too! Nothing makes me more angry than when someone suggests that girls can’t fish. Fishing is a co-ed sport and no male is better than a female at fishing just because of gender.

2.) Girls can bait their own hooks, too! I used to be a wimp and not want to touch a cricket or worm to bait my own hook, then the day came where my dad was done baiting my hook for me. I sucked it up and stuck the hook right through the back of my cricket and casted out my line.

3.) And yes, I can take my own fish off of my hook. Most girls refuse to remove their fish from the hook once they catch one. Yes, it’s slimy. Get over it. It’s just a fish. I can’t stand girls who think they “fish” and wont even take their own fish off of the damn hook. Come on.

4.) This may impress you: I can use an open faced fishing reel without getting a bird’s nest. For those of you who don’t know what a bird’s nest is, Google is because if you call yourself a fisherman you should know what it is. And not getting a bird’s nest while using an open faced reel is a big accomplishment.

5.) Countless dollars are spent on fishing lures. I’m not the typical “throw the hook in the water and wait to see the bobber go under water” kind of girl. I prefer to use fishing lures. That way I’m constantly doing something and don’t get bored. However, I’ve caught many “tree bass” and lost many ‘a lures. And at $5 a piece, these “tree bass” can get pretty pricy.


One thought on “Fishing IS For Girls!

  1. Liz,

    This is a great idea for a listicle. It fits in a long tradition of writing that argues for the equal participation of women in activities long-associated with men. You do a good job of using images to illustrate your points. If you were to re-write this, you should add some more advice to young women who may be interested in fishing but may think it’s “not lady-like”. Use your experience to help other young girls. There are probably plenty of young girls out there googling “how to fish” because their dads didn’t teach them, and thus they could use blogs like this for help.

    20/20 Full Credit


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