Technology: Good Or Nah?

Pro: Liz

Technology seems to be coming more and more popular in our learning environment. Many universities, high schools, and even grade schools are beginning to use technology as a learning tool. Some may argue that the use of technology in classrooms has a positive effect while others may argue that it has a negative effect on students.

There are many pro’s to the use and advancement of technology in our learning environment. Using technology in the classroom makes the accessibility to information much easier for students. Students who may use a laptop, iPad, tablet, etc., in the classroom can search for any type of information that they may need right at their fingertips. Technology in the classroom provides easier access to information that may be needed during a class time and could also make for a more productive class period.

The use of technology also allows for convenience in a learning environment. Some devices, such as an iPad or tablet, are able to have textbooks loaded onto them. From personal experience during high school, I thoroughly enjoyed this because I didn’t have to carry around multiple books because they were all on my iPad.

The advancement of technology continues to grow. There are many new and interactive ways to help teach students with the use of technology. It also seems to help keep students more interested than the same old writing and taking notes with pen and paper every day. It seems to me, that the future is becoming more and more “tech-savvy”, and by our students using technology in their learning environments, this can help prepare them for jobs in the future where they may need to use technology every day at their work place.

Con: Haileigh

Technology is more expensive to purchase for the school compared to a textbook. Also technology is more expensive to repair than a textbook. Some schools even state that they are going to make students purchase their own technology for the school year with money out of their own pocket.

While technology has many good intentions there are still multiple distractions that come with technology. Students may be in class and be playing a game on their device when the teacher thinks they have been working on their homework this whole time. Brain processes differently than hard copy book- Studies show that a student comprehends more if they read a passage on a hard copy rather than a tablet Connectivity (WI-FI at child’s home)- The child with the device may not have a good connection at their house so they cannot look at their textbook and finish assignments. Textbooks are more reliable because they cannot catch viruses or crash. Textbooks are less likely to be stolen than a tablet. It is easier to cheat when you have a tablet in your hand and you can just look up the answers. Some students have a difficulty learning how to use technology.

Sources: for this source I used some of their opinions to back up my ideas. also for this source I used their idea that tablets are more sought after to be stole


One thought on “Technology: Good Or Nah?

  1. There are some good arguments on both side of the debate here. I also like that you linked the sources that you cite. I feel like this debate would have been better if it were focused around a specific question about technology. It seems like you devoted a lot of thought to tech in college. Thus, if you both responded to the question “Is technology improving learning in college?” or something similar, then your answers would make sense right away instead of me trying to figure out what your angle on technology is.


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